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This company’s owner has been clean up air conditioners more than 10 years and he has a lots of knowledge. He does clean up your air conditioners by himself. So don’t worry.

Air conditioner cleaning Tokyo Japan Kanagawa Yokohama

The Total Life provide air conditioners cleaning service

We use natural and eco-friendly detergent.
Therefore, our cleaning is safe and friendly for children, pets and sensitive skin.

Our services are community-based, especially around the tokyo&Yokohama area.


all hanging air conditioner
Usually Standard
Work for about 1.5 hour
1 unit 13,000yen
2units 24,000yen
3units 30,000yen
wall hanging air conditioner
With automatic filter cleaning
Work for about 2 hour
Home use Ceiling type
Work for about 2~3 hour
Business use Ceiling type
Work for about 3~4 hour
●24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
●Flat-Rate Repair Charges

Work Flow

flow 1:Decomposition after First check
flow 2:Cleaning of parts
flow 3:High-pressure washing
flow 4:Antifungal coating
flow 5:Assembly
flow 6:Final check

Before After


Image Video of air conditioning cleaning


You need parking for our car.Please prepare that.
If you cannnot prepare that, you need to pay public parking-fee by yourself. Thank you for cooperation

We need water, electricity and a place where we can wash your air conditioner parts in your house. Please provide them for us.

If your air conditioner is in an unusual location, please consult with us in advance.(Ex. when your air conditioner is extremely high and so on)

We need a place to work. Please clear a work-space before we arrive at your house.

If your air conditioner has an automatic cleaning function, you need to advise ushank

You need to clean up your air conditioners.

You get allergic like itchy your eyes or running nose or getting caught.

The smell of mildew is bothering you.

You feel like air conditioners doesn’t work well

Your air conditioners have ever be cleaned up only filters

The sound of air conditioners getting bothering you


At this company, only professionals provide cleaning do clean services.

This company only use safety and ecological detergent not strong alkaline detergent that is dangerous for living things.

So you don’t have to care about the dangerous components and strong smell.

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air conditioner cleaning area

Tokyo 23 wards

Arakawa Bunkyo Chiyoda Edogawa Itabashi Katusika Kita Koto Meguro Minato Nakano Ota Nerima Shibuya Shinjyuku Setagaya Suginami Shinagawa Sumida Taito Toshima

Tokyo city

Hachiouji Fussa Machida Tama Inagi Fuchu Chofu Hino Tachikawa


Yokohama Kawasaki Yokosuka Fujisawa Tigasaki Zusi Hayama Hiratuka Atugi Sagamihara Zama



Company name
Total life Co.
Tsubasa Kubota
Office location
6-1-1₋17-401, Kirigaoka Midori-ku, Yokohama Shi, Kanagawa Ken, 226-0016, Japan
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